Learn Voice from Mim in Mosquitoland

Probably the most frequently asked question of an editor by an aspiring writer is this: What kind of book are you looking for? Inevitably, the answer goes something like this: “I’m looking for a compelling story, told with a fresh, appealing voice.” So what is voice? I think of it as the personality that resonates with the telling of a story. Voice is created with a variety of elements: vocabulary, syntax (the order of the words in the sentence), grammar, idiom (expressions whose meaning might not be understood outside of a particular group or region), and the rhythms of the sentences. … [Read more...]

Bannack & Dork in Disguise2

Before the new, updated Dork books are published, I want you to see what just arrived in my email box! This young man loves to read! His third-grade teacher said she heard giggling from her classroom library. He held up DORK IN DISGUISE and said, "It's me!" I love this picture and this enthusiastic reader! … [Read more...]


Recommended book for readers and writers

Gazette, Lions of Little Rock

The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine.   Plot and character development work together in a finely crafted novel. A character wants something but faces difficult circumstances. As she grapples with her problems, she is beaten down by events or her own mistakes. She feels discouraged, flawed, maybe hopeless at times. But little by little, as she feels her way, she learns from her missteps. And she grows stronger. At the end of the novel, we recognize that, whether or not she is successful in getting what she wants, she has developed and changed for the better because of her … [Read more...]