Character Response

A reader learns about a character in several ways: what the character says, what others say about her, and how she behaves in various situations. No two characters will react the same way to any given situation.

First, write a description of two characters. What are their backstories? (See previous prompt.) What do they want? What is most important to them?

Put each character in a similar situation. How does each respond?

Here’s the situation: Your character is eating lunch with a friend. The server brings their food, but she makes a mistake. Your character’s friend becomes angry and loudly berates the server. How does your character respond? Does she agree with her friend? Does she try to excuse her friend’s behavior?  Does she quietly squirm? Does she try to calm her friend? Does she become angry with her friend and apologize to the server?

Write the two scenes. Let us watch each character react to the situation. They might each try to change the friend’s mind, for instance, but approach it in different ways. Or they might respond totally differently.

Let the scene play out and come to a satisfying end.

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