Dork on the Run

Available now in a new, updated edition in paperback from Skylark Lane Press. See the new cover, illustrated and designed by Candace Camling:

Dork on the Run FINAL for CS, 150 dpi

Can geeky Jerry Flack win the election for class president, running against the most popular boy around? 

For the first time in his life, Jerry Flack is OK with being a dork. He has fun new friends, he’s on the school science team, and he even has a girlfriend. Everything is going great—until his friends convince him to run for class president against Gabe Marshall, the most popular guy in school. How can Jerry compete, especially when Gabe is doing all he can to embarrass him and show the whole school what a dork Jerry really is?

He is determined to ignore Gabe’s pranks and focus on the upcoming election. But as Gabe’s tricks get more dangerous—and more humiliating—Jerry has a choice to make: He can get even with Gabe, or he can prove to the school that being a dork doesn’t mean he isn’t cool.


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