Character Backstory

Woman chattingEverybody has a past, and our past has shaped us.  Our parents, our friends, our culture have made their mark. Of course, everyone responds differently to what surrounds them. Some flourish under pressure, some crack. Some are resentful, some are grateful. Some forgive, others don’t.

How has your character become who she is today? How was she raised? Did she accept authority or rebel? Was life easy or difficult? Did she work hard in school? What did she do in her spare time when she was ten years old? Who were her friends? What inspired her?

Your reader doesn’t need to know everything about your character’s backstory. But you, as the writer, should know everything in her backstory that molded her. You should understand her and know why she does what she does.

Write about one event that played a role in your character’s development. Then explain how that affected who she is today.

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